Josh Groban is best known for his epic power ballads but if you’re like me, you know the singer from places like Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “I’m F****** Ben Affleck” as well as a big screen appearance in Crazy, Stupid, Love. and TV on The Office. Now the popera star is living out a childhood fantasy: sharing the screen and a song with the Muppets.

How was it for the superstar sharing the screen (and a song!) with the superstars? “They are my childhood heroes. To be on set with them, to seem them live and in person, to be able to sing with them and then be able to see the artistry of puppeteering to life was really inspiring and incredible to see.”

Since the Muppets have been international superstars for over 30 years, were there any diva attitudes on set? (We’re looking at you, Miss Piggy!) According to Groban, not in the least, saying, “They were amazing to work with. They take direction so well!”

In true Muppet movie fashion, Groban finds his character was caught up in some silliness in the movie. “I’m locked up in a Russian gulag, for unspeakable crimes, although in Russia you don’t really need any unspeakable crimes. Juggle on the street and you’ll get locked up there and then I have to sing to get my freedom