Listen. It’s been everywhere — from babies to weathermen and beyond — but it seems as though every day, people across the Internet are finding new and unconventional ways to put their own spin on the songs from Disney’s Frozen. And what better way to waste a few minutes of your evening than with two more clever takes on the popular tunes “Let It Go” and “Love is An Open Door,” eh? C’mon, admit it: you’re willing to at least press play and listen for a few seconds.

First up is Brian Hull, who used his own impressive vocal dexterity to bring his interpretation of “Let It Go” to life by singing it in the styling of 21 popular Disney characters. TWENTY-ONE. There are professional impressionists who probably rack up lower numbers. According to Hull’s YouTube page, the video was created in the spirit of keeping that Mouse House magic alive. “With so many covers of ‘Let it Go’ coming ou